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Nakumatt to roll out customer services platform

NakumattNakumatt Holdings, in collaboration with ISON BPO, will soon roll-out a 24 hour contact center facility for enhancement of the firm’s customer care service.

The local business process outsourcing (BPO) agency will partner with the company to provide a one-stop customer relationship management platform, adopt modern customer relationship management solutions as well as provide a wide range of services including product queries, complaints and compliments.

On a pilot basis, the Nakumatt Contact Centre is already operational and has been providing online customer care support via telephone and email.

“In the retail sector, customer interaction moments remain the bedrock of success and at Nakumatt, we have been reviewing, improving and adopting various customer service delivery option to meet and exceed our customer expectations,” said Thiagarajan Ramamurthy, regional operations director.

The company has invested heavily in the projects geared at guaranteeing global benchmark quality customer interactions.

Ramamurthy also disclosed plans are underway to put up an online sales support function once the Nakumatt online shop is unveiled.

“Like never before, Nakumatt is embracing the limitless potential that online and technology based customer relationship management solutions present as part of our business development strategy.”

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