WiFi kettle lets you boil water for tea while in bed using a smartphone app

2x2_ikettleHere comes the World’s first WiFi kettle that lets you boil tea water from your bed through a smartphone app. It is a stainless steel 1.8 litre kettle and is a product from The Kettle has a wireless-equipped base station.

By keeping the kettle and smartphone on the same network, using the app, you can not only turn on the kettle but also set the temperature.

The app also supports an alarm that enables the user to turn on the heat by hitting the snooze button.

The kettle, which has an auto shutoff with boil-dry protection feature, also has a setting that will keep it warm after it first heats up.

According to, the site that will exclusively sell the high-tech water heater, the iKettle will be available during the last week of November for 160.79 dollars.

Source: ANI News


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