Yahoo pseudo logoYahoo is proving that it can make the headlines for more than its voracious appetite for acquisitions. The company is introducing a new logo next month, and is sending off the old one in style.

This is just one of the many designs thought of by designers across the world to illustrate how Yahoo could redesign its logo.

The company announced on a Tumblr blog that the new logo is intended to “reflect this spirit of innovation,” and the “renewed sense of purpose and progress at Yahoo.” The blog post’s author is CMO Kathy Savitt, Marissa Mayer’s first major hire after she took the reigns as Yahoo’s chief executive.

The fresh new design won’t be officially unveiled until September 5. Until then, Yahoo will make small alterations to the old logo featured on its homepage and network of sites. With the logo changing every day for a month, it’s a strategic and fun way to boost retention.

For those who feel sentimental about the old logo, don’t fear. The exclamation mark, the color purple and the hallmark yodel will all be a part of the new branding.

Check out the video below for more information the “30 days of change” campaign.

Credit: VentureBeat