eu commEurapp, a project funded by the European Commission to investigate and improve the region as a hub for app developers, is launching two competitions with some pretty substantial prize money to further its cause.

These “innovation challenges” will run in parallel throughout August, tasked with finding new ways to fund and scale up new app startups, as well as help new teams deal with Europe’s specific market conditions.

The first competition is already underway and closes on September 13 with $5,000 in prize money; a second will launch later this week. If you’re interested in entering, the first criterion is as follows:

The challenge requests that Solvers propose actionable solutions (also those proven in other industries) that will address specific obstacles to growth in the EU app economy that include: (1) limited access to funding that affects the ability of startups to scale up and achieve sustainability; as well as (2) difficulties with the scaling-up of app startups due to insufficient business development and marketing skills in small app development companies.

The total prize fund is €9,000 ($11,974 USD), although the event organizers have allocated an additional €15,000 ($19,957 USD) to send 10 finalists to an exclusive Eurapp event in Berlin this November.

Credit: TNW