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Apple A7 chipset to make iPhone 5S 31% faster than iPhone 5

apple-sign-239With just over two weeks until the supposed September 10 iPhone 5S launch event, rumours of what to expect from the new iPhone are flowing in thick and fast.

The latest report comes from Fox News anchor Clayton Morris, who claims that his sources are telling him that the A7 chipset inside the upcoming iPhone 5S will offer a 31% speed boost over the current iPhone 5.

“I’m hearing it’s very fast,” said Morris in his tweet.

Given the A6 doubled performance of the previous A5 chipset when it was unveiled in the iPhone 5 last year, a 31% performance boost is not quite as big a step up, although rumours are suggesting that there could be a lot more to the iPhone 5S than just a power boost.

Motion Tracking the ‘Next Big Thing’?

Shortly after his chipset tweet, Morris was back at it, tweeting that he’s also hearing about a dedicated motion tracking chipset in the upcoming Apple smartphone.

While details are obviously scarce, Morris himself argues that it “should be an interesting camera upgrade”.

Of course, the rumour mill has always run overtime in the leadup to iPhone launches. Combined with the reported fingerprint scanner, 13MP camera with dual-LED flash and wireless charging, the iPhone 5S is looking like a much bigger jump up from the current iPhone than the iPhone 5 was from the iPhone 4S.

However, how many of the rumours actually come true will only be confirmed when we actually get to see the device. Fortunately, that is probably only a few weeks away now.

Credit: TechRadar

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