Citys-Global-Reach-5117962City say their websites will spread the gospel in the native tongue of 80 per cent of the world’s population

City are hoping the Blue Moon will rise all over the world after launching 10 new international websites.

The ambitious Blues say that the sites, which go live today, mean they will spread the gospel from the Etihad Stadium in the native tongue of 80 per cent of the world’s population.

In a move that will see the club connect with 1.5bn people around the globe, City’s website will be delivered in Traditional Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Those new additions will complement the existing websites which are available in English, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

Users who log on will be directed towards certain sites based on their location.

City have also launched a Mandarin version of its online store.

They have teamed up with third-party online payment platform Alipay, China’s equivalent of PayPal, as they try and cash in on the lucrative Asian market.

Officials say the move will make the Blues the most accessible outfit on the planet.

Chief executive officer Ferran Soriano said: “Manchester City’s popularity and global fan base is growing at a fast pace.

“We want to talk to our fans and friends in their own language to engage with them in new ways.

“We are very proud of this initiative.”

Diego Gigliani, the Blues director of marketing, media and fan development said: “With the launch of our new multilingual sites, we are creating an online home for all our international fans.

“We hope that, by reading news and watching videos direct from the official source and in their native language, they will feel closer to the club they love.”

Credit: ManchesterEveningNews