You keep hitting the refresh button, certadislikein your latest Facebook campaign will inspire fans to like, respond and share. Yet there’s been little-to-no response.

Completely befuddled, you wonder why no one is engaging. Your business is on Facebook, but no one seems interested in what you post. Find out why, so you can stop wasting time and start attracting fans.

If you’re committing any, or all of the following, you may have your answer.

1. Asking questions that are too broad or too personal. Open-ended questions come across as rhetorical, and if they’re personal, they’re easily misunderstood. Instead, ask specific or multiple choice questions that reflect your audience’s connection to your business.

2. The tone is uninspiring. Sure, this is your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be conversational or inspiring. Share some anecdotes or customer success stories that also show your human side.

3. Every post is pure text. Break up those pure text posts by adding pictures featuring the latest contest winners, happy employees or any image that’s visually appealing and relates to your post or company. It’s too easy to do, not to do it.

4. There’s too much focus on selling. While an occasional post about a product is fine, especially if it’s new or was recently featured in the news, don’t use Facebook as an overt sales vehicle. Remember, people go to Facebook to catch up and connect—when they want to buy, they’ll go to your website.

5. You only talk about your business. Fans expect news, tips and photos that go beyond your business. For example, a health club may share recipes and workout tips that show its commitment to helping members stay healthy, so keep the bigger picture in mind when you’re posting.

6. The message isn’t in sync with your audience or business. Before you post, ask yourself if the message serves the interests of your audience in terms of being interesting, helpful or funny.

7. You’re not responding. Fans should know their feedback is appreciated, so be sure to respond to their likes, comments and questions.

8. Your page has an identity crisis. To avoid a cluttered page and create a steady stream of engaging posts, develop an editorial calendar. Along with providing structure, it lets your fans easily learn more about your business and the type of content they can expect to see. Just make sure you build in flexibility so you can quickly respond to current news and fan feedback.

9. You’re not offering anything. Let’s face it, one of the reasons people become fans is for the perks. Reward them with exclusive contests, deals and insider offers.

10. You give up too easily. If you place the same amount of patience and perseverance on engaging your Facebook audience that you applied to building your business, you’ll achieve success in social media.

Credit: Open Forum