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Most liked pages on Facebook

One of the best ways to learn how to deal with social media is to look at the industry leaders, there are so may pages on Facebook and more are being created each and every other day.

The No. 1 and No. 2 spots are still held by Facebook’s own company pages.  Facebook for Every Phone is the official page for Facebook’s feature phone app.

#NameTotal Likes 
1   Facebook for Every Phone231,611,491
2   Facebook91,095,604
3   YouTube73,705,177
4   Texas HoldEm Poker70,073,098
5   Rihanna69,960,085
6   Eminem69,480,074
7   Shakira64,027,526
8   The Simpsons63,696,371
9   Coca-Cola63,409,937
10   Harry Potter61,298,885
11   Michael Jackson58,393,350
12   Lady Gaga56,822,920
13   Cristiano Ronaldo56,769,015
14   Justin Bieber52,927,452
15   Katy Perry52,802,060
16   Family Guy52,214,461
17   Linkin Park52,213,659
18   AKON46,883,697
19   Beyoncé46,374,165
20   South Park45,986,985
21   Leo Messi45,009,004
22   Lil Wayne44,671,719
23   MTV44,476,636
24   Will Smith44,028,258
25   Disney43,798,697
26   House43,330,301
27   Bob Marley42,748,106
28   SpongeBob SquarePants42,623,441
29   Selena Gomez42,262,552
30   Taylor Swift42,173,944

Credit: PageData


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