Starting Today, Kenyans using phones running on android and iOS (i-phones) can drive to unfamiliar destinations guided by their handsets. Technology company Google now says Google Maps navigation services is available in Kenya for phones running Android 2.2 (and above) and iOS 5.1 (and above).

Google Maps Navigation (Beta) is an Internet-connected GPS navigation system that provides turn-by-turn voice driving directions as a feature of Google Maps for mobile. The solution uses phone Internet connection to give the latest maps and driving directions with a free application.

The turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation means you no longer have to look at your phone screen to follow the route, you can simply listen for indications. In addition to offering address search, the Google Maps Navigation allows users to search for locations by their business names. You can just say “Nation Centre” or “State House” and the Navigation will provide directions to the requested destination.

To get Google Maps Navigation (Beta), you only need to search for and download the newest release of ‘Google Maps’ in Google Play or the Apple App Store. Better still, users will not be required to purchase map upgrades or manually update their devices since the Google’s navigation tool is regularly updated with the most recent data from Google Maps.

“Being connected to the Internet means you’re always using the latest data from Google Maps. You never need to buy map upgrades or manually update your device. Where traffic data is available, Navigation can even automatically route you around bad traffic,” says Google in a statement.

In Kenya, phone navigation is still developing since not all locations have been mapped and fed into the Google GPS system, but this feature can be credited as one of those innovations that will not only aid movement but also encourage the use of smart phones which is steadily growing in Africa

Credit: Daily Nation