Rwanda government to establish Hi-speed LTE Network

korea_telecom_logoThe Rwandan government has partnered with Asian telecoms giant Korea Telecom (KT) to establish a high speed LTE network, which is planned to link every inhabited part of Rwanda to high-speed broadband. KT intends to handle the deployment of the network while the the Rwandan government is to provide the infrastructure needed to link the country.

The two parties are expected  to strike a deal before the end of this year to pave the way for a roll out early next year. The government is betting on the venture to spur on the country to greater ICT growth and help create more jobs for its citizens right through to the rural areas.

“The purpose of the intended joint venture is to develop, construct, operate and provide wholesale infrastructure services to customer-facing mobile service providers and mobile virtual network operators in Rwanda,” reads a statement released by the two parties.

“Deployment of the new infrastructure will add to the fibre optic infrastructure already deployed by the government of Rwanda, to achieve maximum broadband connectivity for all communities in the country,”.adds the statement.

KT, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has worked closely with the Rwandan government. Previously, the two parties have signed a deal worth over $40 million to set the national database and lay fibre optic cables in the country.

Credit: ITWeb Africa


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