Ffene (Uganda), SliceBiz(Ghana) and Prowork (Nigeria)  have been announced as the winners of the 2012 Apps4Africa competition which is funded by the US government and the World Bank. An international panel of judges selected the winners from nearly 300 applications and  were awarded $10,000 each with the possibility of top-up funds if the winners meet set targets.

SliceBiz, is a disruptive crowdsourcing web and mobile investment platform providing alternative funding for startups. a4a_2012_transOur mission is to unlock a whole new funding market for startups to access finance by creating the framework that will make it easy and appealing for middle class Africans to invest small amounts of their disposable income into high-growth startups with proven potential to give high return on investment. The solution SliceBiz is offering is to leverage web/mobile (& offline) platforms to create a connection between startups looking for funding and business-savvy young professionals/middle class looking to invest.

Prowork is a mobile first enterprise class project management and collaboration solution for businesses. It’s like Basecamp or Atlassian’s confluence but mobile and easier to use, more powerful, with real time collaboration everywhere, anywhere. Prowork is accessible via mobile, the web, SMS and a robust API to allow developers to extend the functionality.

Ffene is a low cost business management platform that enables small and medium businesses to leverage technology to reduce overhead costs incurred due to administrative tasks, freeing up resources that can be redirected to growth initiatives. Currently, Ffene can be used for accounting, customer relationship management, product management and generation of reports.

The Apps4Africa 2012  focused on business and officials asked young tech developers to submit their business ideas aimed at solving local problems.