According to Facebook is testing different buttons allowing users to buy tickets to events, but the actual transactions take place off the social network, as clicking on the buttons take users to third-party websites. A peek at the source code reveals that the “Buy Tickets” link is a dedicated field created by Facebook

The screenshot below was taken by Blink vice president of media Eti Suruzon. Blink is an Israel-based social media agency.




The links, however, only seem to be present on events located in Israel, suggesting that Facebook is testing the new functionality locally.

Given the above, Facebook is indeed testing the ability for users to link directly to ticket purchasing sites. But, what’s perhaps significantly more interesting is the dedicated “Buy Tickets” button, which leads us to believe that Facebook could eventually integrate ticket purchasing much more deeply.

Considering that Facebook has payments processing in place and could integrate ticketing with Facebook Gifts, it’s clear that the social giant could leave quite an impact on the events space…if it chose to do so.

Remember, it wouldn’t be the first time a company sought to integrate ticket purchasing directly into Facebook.


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