“A group of teenagers were arguing about stuff they read on the Internet and comparing it to their own boring parents’ 2-hour lectures.”

They were all so engrossed with their smart phones, disregarding any advice; they ever received from their parents just because they felt their phones were smarter and less wordy!

Since when does technology come before parents? Since when does the internet care about us more than our own parents do? Since when does anyone question the advice rendered by parents? This is insane!

Granted, technology is very fascinating but that should never make you question the words of the people who love you the most in the world. You should not neglect the advice of the elderly regardless of whether you are related or not. 

Before technology came into our lives, we had cultural values and beliefs that guided our parents who now pass on that knowledge to us.

So maybe these phones are quite interesting but they will never be smarter than the people who raised you so don’t dismiss what they taught you – no matter how long the conversations take.

Source: The New Times