According to the collected results so far, men are significantly leading the retweet race.

Of the more than 11,000 tests conducted via the tool, men make up 63% of all retweets compared to only 37% of women.

 The Best and Worst Times to Share on Facebook, TwitterEven President Obama’s account  which is run by his campaign team  retweets men (79%) more than women (21%). Rapper Snoop Dogg also favors male retweets (84%).

However, both Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres are equal retweet opportunists, retweeting men and women the same amount.

“We want to change the world by showing how each of us rank women and men when contributing to a conversation,” Twee-Q said on via a translation on its site.

“Only when we see how we act, who we choose to listen to and acknowledge, can we take the first steps toward a truly equal society.”
To see if you retweet men or women more, type your Twitter handle into Twee-Q here.

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source: Mashable