Sometimes all we do is walk into office every day , sit at a desk [in the name of  working], and leave and then get paid at the end of the month. We have no idea what running costs are; and if there are there: how much goes into them. We actually know nothing but our targets and Job descriptions. Thus we always demand what we think/believe belongs to us: because we think they are our ‘right’.

So are you an entrepreneur? Are you looking to start a business?

Well for starters: if you are in Uganda: Visit Mara Foundation. They offer space to rent:  with modern furniture befitting the professional image required by ambitious young entrepreneurs.

Basics-Identify and Stick to those: Keep it Simple. As a beginner, it is okay to be ambitious. However do keep it simple.  If you manage to create something and have it on the market by end of 2 days; then you are doing okay for normal standards I believe. Everything else will fall into place as time goes by. Don’t go buying a company car when you know that you cannot afford to fuel it. Stick to using public transport. There you save a lot and you are able to get around more easily without worrying about so many things like fuel, servicing the car and parking spots.

Be Different: By that I mean: dare to do what other have not done. That is where the money is. Value Addition.  It does not make sense if there are 4 people in your street with Mobile Money stalls and because they are making money: you decide to do the same. And also do not copy people’s way of doing things. Let it be a whole new adventure for you. Entrepreneurs do not emulate; they create.

Do not avoid Conflict: People will always disagree. Especially in things that they do not agree with or rather understand, So the mere fact that you are starting up something means that there is definitely going to be lots of conflict. Face it- Deal with it. Your end will always be to grow your business. You can never be everyone’s friend.

Listen to your heart: Your business idea is like your baby. You birthed it; thus you nurse and nurture it as a mother. Mothers listen to their guts. They will always know when something is wrong, who to trust and who not to believe. Do that for your business, and you will go places. The most important decisions are based on gut instinct.

Involve People: Man is no Island; we all know that. Get the best advisors, Work with people.  Get rid of the ‘me’ attitude. That never helps anyone. Hire and pay: it takes more than one individual to put a ship to sail. And while you are at it, Work hard but enjoy and celebrate life.

It is easy to run insane because you want to be the best as an entrepreneur. However as we have always heard; Rome was not built in one day. Start small, keep it simple but DREAM BIG. In the meantime; Let me go see how I can quit this writing job!