Resunate is a Smart Resume App that Tailors Your Resume to the Job

The best resumes are strategically tweaked to precisely match the job description, which means making multiple resumes for the multiple jobs you apply for. Resunate takes the hassle out of tailoring your resume, quickly creating focused, job-specific resumes. Upload your resume or import your LinkedIn profile in the webapp to get started. Then copy a job description into the site to get a Resunate “JobFocus Score” which shows you how well your resume matches to the job description, writes Melanie Pinola via lifehacker.
Resunate Resunate

Rather than looking at just relevant keywords, Resunate uses semantic technology (based on word associations) to rank all the concepts in your resume. As you edit your resume, your JobFocus score can go up or down, and you can see via color coding how each section or bullet point in your resume measures up against the job description.

Resunate’s Auto Focus feature can automatically reorder bullet points, adjust to fit certain page limits, and remove info that isn’t relevant to the job description (an unfocused resume with too many irrelevant details can make you seem like a poorer fit for the job). You can also automatically reformat your resume using several templates.

When I tried Resunate with a test job description that pretty much fit my background, I got a JobFocus score of 7 (out of a high of 10), not bad. Using the Auto Focus tool, Resunate reordered my bullets with the most relevant ones first, but also removed my education (I had to change the settings back to allowing more than one page to get it back). A couple of tweaks later, the resume scored a sweet 10.


The free basic plan gives you an unlimited number of customized resumes to save but only 3 auto focus attempts. If you’d like more automatic resume-building, upgrade to a premium plan ($14.95 monthly, $59.95 for 6 months, or $99.95 for a year).

It’s a tough job market out there; Resunate’s technology can help you create a sharper resume to land you that interview.