Microsoft Virtual Academy launched in Kenya

According to Microsoft, the virtual academy allows students to learn at their own pace with a wide variety of free online training content, giving them the tools necessary to improve the Information Technology skills needed for most careers.

During the open door convention the Developer and Platform manager of Microsoft’s East and Southern Africa, Vincent Mugambi, said Microsoft has stepped up its partnership with local universities to empower the students with the best technology tools to enhance their learning experience.

“We are striving to develop a culture conducive to innovation. As we recognize that the potential to innovate must be nurtured early-on, Microsoft will continue to provide appropriate and superior learning tools to encourage innovation,” said Mugambi.

Microsoft believes that the best investment which promises the best returns are those investments in skills. Improving skills also improves employability and so contributes also to the development of local knowledge economies while also arming Africans with the tools to develop solutions to the challenges they face.

Source: itnewsafrica


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