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Djibouti introduces first 3G network

According to a DT statement issued on Wednesday, the new 3G network is part of its overall growth strategy and is part of the company and country’s “focus on improving the company capabilities and enhancing the customer experience by offering better networks and more advanced mobile broadband services.”

The company added that it would be also introducing new services to customers as part of the new agreement, including roaming capacity, new mobile devices and a greater connectivity rate.

“We have grown rapidly as a company and in order to maintain the momentum and build on it we have chosen Ericsson as a partner to assist us in improving our services,” said Abdulrahman Mohamed Hassan, DT CEO.

“We are proud to be the first to bring 3G connectivity and mobile broadband services to the country and with the help of Ericsson’s technology and capabilities we can ensure that this will significantly enhance the experience for our customers.”

Hassan added in a statement that “the battle is to create the economic capability for the country to be able to use these new services and enable the population to move into the global IT age, which we hope this will allow.”

DT launched in 1999 as the only provider of mobile technology and services in the country and remains the leading company in terms of GSM, corporate and wholesale IP and data services as well as ADSL networks.

Source: itnewsafrica




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