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Six Cool Things to Do With Your USB Flash Drive

Here are six cool things you can do with your USB flash drive, in our series roundup of “What to do with your USB flash drive.” Each item is linked with step-by-step instructions.

Run Linux

Have you ever wanted to try Linux but were too afraid? Linux Live media allows you to boot to and run the entire OS from the CD/DVD, or in our case, a USB flash drive. This is a great way to give Linux a try without actually altering your system.

Maintain Windows

Windows computers can be maintained easily with a variety of tools, right from your USB flash drive. With a program called Parted Magic, you can partition your drives, reset your Windows password, clone your hard disk, and more. Parted Magic is essentially Linux Live, with a ton of useful utilities included.

Encrypt it

Yes–transporting files and documents with a USB flash drive is cool. Losing your USB flash drive is not so cool. We show you how to encrypt your entire USB flash drive to keep curious eyes from accessing your files.

Install Windows 7

Installing operating systems with an optical disc is so 2005. Besides, your shiny new portable Netbook or laptop may not even have an optical drive. In just a few short steps, you can create a USB Windows 7 installation drive.

Run portable apps

We all love our tablets and smartphones, but a USB flash drive can run apps, too. Just pop it into a host computer and run Firefox with all your bookmarks, edit documents with OpenOffice, play games, and more.

Scan for malware

Did a virus or Trojan take your computer down? Run a rescue CD from your USB flash drive to get it back up and running. Give out rescue USB flash drives to all your relatives who undoubtedly have you on speed dial for tech support. For more information follow the link below;

Source: Cnet news


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