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RIM joins African Scholarship Campaign

The announcement took place at the graduation ceremony of AIMS South Africa, and the news was welcomed by an audience of local university vice-chancellors, foreign dignitaries and government officials, among other representatives of South African higher education and science and freshly graduated AIMS students.

“This represents a real opportunity for some very talented young people to have access to a great scientific education,” says Professor Barry Green, director of AIMS South Africa.

AIMS South Africa opened in 2003 and its success led to the establishment of the AIMS – Next Einstein Initiative, an ambitious project to build a network of 15 AIMS centres across Africa.

“Research In Motion has a long heritage in education, science and technology investment and we recognise that Africa is a new frontier for innovation excellence. This is why we have chosen education in science, technology and mathematics as key pillars in our African corporate social investment strategy,” said Robert Crow, RIM Vice-President, Industry, Government and University Relations.

Source: itnewsafrica


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