Editorial – May 2011

The subsequent growth of social networking within Egypt and Africa as a whole made it necessary for us to take another look at the subject, albeit from another point of view: what we’ve referred to as artificial conversations. With a major contribution to one Indian blogger, Nilofar Ansher, who is also an online producer for G3ICT (Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs), the story assesses the technical “convenience” of the Facebook and Twitter, as well as their role in Uganda’s walk-to-work protests.

If you attended, or read about the Africa Internet Entrepreneurs’ Conference of March 18, 2011, then the name Michael Niyitegeka rings a bell. He is a lecturer; and a consultant trainer in a wide-range of areas in the both business and IT but is also passionate about digital/cyberspace branding and visibility, IT Strategy and Management and IT optimization.
In our Interview section, you’ll see him provide answers to some of the big questions.
As the Mac vs. PC debate goes on, we’ve taken an initiative to help you understand the benefits and shortfalls of each, with hope that the information published in this section will help you make a more informed choice when wondering which one is best for you. For now, we’ve extensively studied the physical (hardware) aspects of each. In future editions, we’ll compare the software elements (operating system and performance with regard to specific tasks, as well as security). We also
asked some of the users for their opinions on the subject. In the last 3 issues, we’ve been featuring a series on FOSS, thanks to Dr. Richard Boateng and Silvia Aimasso, both from PearlRichards Foundation.In this concluding session, we’re pleased to bring to you the last of the four-episode series, in which we use a real-world case study to explore how we can select FOSS applications and localize them for developing countries.
You’ll also find interesting coverage in the regular sections of News,What’s New, Learn, Reviews and Gaming, all of which make for aninteresting read—from my point of view anyway. I hope you agree with me.
For developers out there, look out for Google’s Android developer challenge. You could win something.
Till next time.



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