This page is where you edit all of your profile privacy settings. If you haven’t visited it, take a moment to adjust the settings to meet your needs. For example, you may want everyone to be able to see your prior work experience for networking purposes, but only friends to see your personal info.
Once you’ve finished editing this page, click on “Edit Photo Albums Privacy Settings.

You should see a list of your albums. You can adjust each album so that they are visible to everyone, friends of friends, or just friends. You can also make a custom setting that allows you to block specific people from viewing your photos.

Here are some suggestions for determining who should be able to see your photos:
•    If you’re afraid of pictures being stolen, set privacy to only friends and use a digital watermark.
•    For pictures of nature, buildings and other generic images, consider sharing with everyone unless you’re concerned about your copyright.
•    For pictures of friends, especially those in public situations, share with friends or friends of friends.
•    For pictures of children, especially if they aren’t your own (please ask permission before posting!), share with just friends.