A large number of questions that are typed into Google’s search engine by users are written as if they were talking to their friends. For example, “How can I write a movie script for Nollywood?” or “How does the stock exchange operate in Ghana?” or “What is the recipe for bitter leaf soup?” or “What is the best company for car insurance in Nairobi?” Unfortunately, many of these questions do not have good search results – the information is not online or it may be inaccurate. Many users have dozens of similar questions every day, but spend a lot of time looking for the answers.

A few weeks ago, Google Baraza was opened up to a select group of users in Africa to test the new service. Since then, thousands of visits to the site, and tens of thousands of questions and answers submitted from almost every country in Sub Saharan Africa.

A Googel blog listed Ghanaian business leader Yofi Grant, actor Kevin Maina from the Makmende team, Lagos radio DJ Diplomatic OPJ, health expert Prof. Rina Swart of South Africa, and TV host Lebo Mzwimbi as a few some of the thousands of people that have already used the service!

Google Baraza is designed specifically for users in Africa to make it easy to get answers to their questions. The product is available in English and French.

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