Duran University of Technology, South Africa organizes research workshop with Dr. Richard Boateng of PC Tech Communications and Digital Learning Africa.  The purpose of the research seminar series is to teach how to conduct research in ICT for development and to explore opportunities to collaborate with students and faculty in research. The seminars covered the following themes:

  • Day 1- Research in Technology, Business and Society
  • Day 2 – Meeting Students and Sample Dissertations
  • Day 3 – Getting Started Research
  • Day 4 – IS Theories
  • Day 5 -Theorizing ICT4D
  • Day 6 – Research Methodology
  • Day 7 – Current Issues in Research
  • Day 8 – Conferences
  • Day 9 – Writing A Paper

Session notes and handouts are available on www.dropbox.com. You need login details from DLA editors to access the files. Email editor @ digitallearningafrica.org.