Google SMS? Not the best choice of a name!

Applab could have only been made possible through the collaboration of Grameen Foundation,
MTN Uganda and Google, but PC Tech has also played a big role in making people understand it
better; for example the misconception about brand name ‘Google SMS’ is now cleared: to PC Tech

Of course the project partners really have to work out a lasting solution to that. Because I have a lot of friends who totally think Google is that “website” that is always open in Internet Cafes. To convice them, on their phones, that a service named Google can be relevant to them is not an easy job. Not now, and not 5years from now… unless, of course, by doing some intensive marketing, which I’m sure MTN wouldn’t want to do for a free service!

PC Tech, you’ve done your job. If it wasn’t for the Issue of last month, many of us would still be
oblivious to the fact that this service is available and very important to us.

Thank you PC Tech. Please keep it up. Looking forward to receiving next month’s issue!

Adeline Tushabe

PC Tech

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