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Apple and The Dev – Team

When the iPhone came out back in 2007, every one said we have seen that before, heard it etc, little did they know, that device was to become a game changer when it comes to user experience. The same goes for the iPad, 4 months in and over a whooping 3million units sold, beat that.

Apple isn’t selling anything new, in fact half the consumer markets Apple is in existed way before they showed interest. Digital music players have been in existence for a while, same goes for desktop computers, laptops, phones, and tablet pcs, name it.

What Apple has done is changed the way people interact with their devices. Apple takes user experience so personal it even irritates at times.

They have provided a platform iOS (previously iPhone OS), on which all their portable products run. Apple has to approve every single bit of app that runs on their platform, which carrier it’s tied to etc. This platform has strong control on what you can do and what you cant do, or does it?

Does the name Dev-Team mean anything to you? Well this is an international group of hackers and geeks from all over the world who have given Apple a run for their money!

This group is famously known for their tools such as PwangeTool (read Ownage Tool), redsn0w and the famous iPhone baseband unlock ultrasn0w.

These guys have opened up Apples closed system and allowed any one who so wishes to do anything they wish with their iDevice from running unsigned apps from the Cydia Store, to using your iDevice  as a wireless router to share your phone internet connection.

This ‘opening up’ of your iDevice to support these functions is commonly known as ‘jailbreaking’ and now it’s totally legal according to this ruling here and here (see full ruling here) and as always free.

What these guys have done is awesome, they have studied Apple inside out and know exactly what to expect from them. They have totally disasserticle talks about Apple and its closed system and how the Dev Team are constantly trying to break it down so you can have full access to your iDevice.


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