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vatiThe Vatican is making its latest foray into the digital world, with the launch of a new web portal that will integrate information from the Vatican’s various media into one website.

Pope Benedict XVI will launch the portal, www.news.va, with a papal click on Wednesday, the 60th Anniversary of his ordination as a priest.

flashgGoogle is famously fond of the brave new world that is HTML5. So, it’s little surprise to see a new tool emerge from its labs that converts Flash right into the latest version of the Web markup standard.

Swiffy, as it’s called, emerged as a summer project from an engineering intern on Google’s mobile advertising team, looking at how Flash animations could be displayed on devices that don’t support Adobe’s format.

google1Remember way back in February of 2010, when Google introduced a social media service called Google Buzz, and all the bloggers marveled that Google was so boldly taking on Facebook? Well, that didn't work out so well. Now Google is really taking on Facebook, and not just in a half-hearted kind of way.

Witness the unveiling of Google+, a full-featured social network that aims to "bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software."

cloudThe time is now: The first service pack for Office 2010 is live. If you are looking for the 32 bit version, go here. If you need the 64 bit version, head here.

Yesterday we brought you the news that the service pack was due today, in keeping with a previous Microsoft promise that the update to its premier productivity suite would come before the end of June.

lonThis is a clever new feature of OS X Lion that we hadn’t seen anywhere. You can apparently convert any selected batch of text to spoken word with one click from the contextual menu.

Pope_twitterHoly tweet! The Pope is on Twitter.

His Holiness used the Vatican’s news account to send his first tweet, which announced the launch of a news information portal (and, of course, praised Jesus).

himMcAfee, one of the world’s largest dedicated security technology companies, has appointed Craig Hockley as its new Regional Director for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hockley will be based at McAfee’s regional headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and will be responsible for the company’s business strategy, development and for extending McAfee’s reach and presence across the African region.

hawaUganda’s Warid Telecom, a mobile telecommunications company, has signed a mobile business deal with Huawei Technologies, a global telecommunications solutions provider in an effort to expand and upgrade its network in the country.

softAlmost 27 million Britons visited Facebook in May this year, according to research by UKOM/Nielsen, putting the social network ahead of MSN, which includes Microsoft's web portal, its search engine Bing and Windows Live, for the first time and making it the Britain’s second most popular website behind Google.

goole-plus-1A few months ago Google released the +1 button on English search results on google.com.

According to Google Webmaster Central Blog, the company recently made the +1 button available to sites across the web, making it easy for the people who love your content to recommend it on Google search. The blog explains that Google has partnered with various content providers including The Telegraph, The Independent and TechCrunch, where +1 buttons will be seen over the coming days.