Apples_1Before the iPod and iTunes supposedly changed everything, we listened to records, CDs, tapes, and radio in our cars, on the street and in mass transit. Music was nearly as portable as it is now, but iPods and other MP3 players radically increased the quantity of music you could take with you. Looking back to the dawn of the iPod/MP3 era, sound-quality improvements weren't part of the agenda, just the quantity of music that was transportable. Apple's early ads touted the advantages of having "1,000 songs in your pocket," which struck me as an odd way to entice buyers in 2001, but the strategy worked!

gAs more educational programs turn digital, teachers are finding that blending technology into the learning experience offers kids a crucial leg up in the classroom.

Karen Martinez’s daughter, Daniella, graduated fifth grade with honors this year and is now reading at a sixth grade level.

Google-Doodle-Earth-Day-001The occasional artistic "doodles" that replace the Google logo are seen by hundreds of millions of people. But who are the brains behind them?

A playable Les Paul guitar, a Pac-Man game and a keyboard in celebration of Robert Moog. These are just some of the many doodles that Google has displayed on its home page.

Scientists are working on creating a new biometric bracelet that could also “talks”hea to devices on a person’s body, allowing data collected by blood pressure cuffs and heart monitoring devices to be matched to correct electronic records.

The devices could prevent mix-ups of health records at military and veteran hospitals.

gorilla_facebookThere are so many users who use Facebook to document their lives, offer informational tidbits or to touch base with long-distance friends and family. Fortunately, most Facebook patrons manage to navigate this social media space extremely well.

Inevitably, however, there are users that don’t. Let’s take a look at those unfortunates who manage more misses than hits when traversing the Facebook sphere.

MANGO_HEALTHAdherence to prescription drugs and supplements is a problem that not only puts the long-term health of millions of patients at risk.

It’s a problem that may add an extra $100 to 300 billion in health care costs in the U.S. alone.

TechChange and the mHealth Alliance are pleased to announce a four-weekmhealth72online certificate course on mHealth: Mobile Phones for Public Health.

This four-week course will run from November 12 – December 7 and will overlap with the 2012 mHealth Summit in the Washington, DC area.

facebook-relationship-statusWow, this is a tough one. So many questions revolve around the infamous relationship status on Facebook. When is it the right time to change it? What should that change be? Will people comment when you switch it from In A Relationship to Single? Will people judge you? What embarrassing comments will people post if you change it from Single to In A Relationship? Did you already let everyone know you are engaged or are some people learning it for the first time when you switch the status to Engaged ? So many questions and so little time! Didn't there used to be a Swinger option? Wouldn't that just confuse people and get everyone out of your business once and for all, or was that only an option on MySpace?

The Africa Top Level Domains Organization (AfTLD), the association of African country code top level domains (ccTLDs) in collaboration with the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), will be hosting its policy and annual General Meeting in Livingstone (Zambia) for Francophone and Anglophone African ccTLDs in July 2012.

The Policy meeting which will be hosted by ZICTA, the Zambian regulator, will be held from 23 – 27 July 2012 and will focus on enhancing the visibility of African ccTLDs through branding and marketing, examining the likely impact of new gTLDs on African ccTLDS as well enhancing the robustness and efficiency of African registries by improving the technical infrastructure.

Toshiba-Satellite-U845W-S410-UltrabookThe Ultrabook is Intel's vision of the future of mobile computing. Lightweight and long-lasting, yet also powerful and feature-packed, this new breed of laptop is one part ultraportable, one part desktop replacement, and 100% desirable.

Earning a place in this elite category is no mean feat. Manufacturers are expected to squeeze powerful Intel processors, SSDs (solid state disks) and serious battery life into laptops that are less than 21mm thick. Not only that, buy they have to do it to a budget.