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Dr. Longe spoke to the African Journal of Development Informatics & Policy about the forms, casuality, and mitigation of Cybercrime in sub-saharan Africa. Below are the excerpts by PC Tech's International Editor, Dr. Richard Boateng. This interview was first published in the February 2011 Issue of PC Tech Magazine.

Dr. Longe OlumideQ. Tell us little about yourself and some of the interesting projects you are currently working on.

A. I am one scholar who is committed to the advancement of knowledge and research frontiers in Africa. I believe we don’t have the luxury to sit down and fold our hands while waiting for national development to come. I also believe we have the human and material resources in Africa to get us to our desired destination in terms for growth and development. I am interested in any form of activities that will make the African dream come true. Presently, my focus is on cyber security and other allied research.