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rimNEW YORK – BlackBerrys still fly off the shelves. They still convey the message that their owners mean business — that they’re people who are important enough to need e-mail access all the time.
But BlackBerrys are now being challenged by phones that say you can have your e-mail, and have fun, too.

Research In Motion Ltd., the maker of the BlackBerry, revealed a new phone Tuesday, August 3rd, that says the company is still in the game, but it’s doing so by catching up to the competition rather than by breaking new ground.
The Torch will be RIM’s first device with both a touch screen and the BlackBerry’s signature full-alphabet keypad. It hits AT&T stores on Aug. 12 for $199 with a two-year contract.

Last month, PC Tech launched a new online platform, Digital Learning Africa, a tool for cataloguing online resources for educators and students on the African continent.

This initiative, developed in partnership with Pearl Richards Foundation (www.pearlrichards.org) underscores PC Tech’s commitment to supporting technology education in Africa, following an earlier launched initiative, PC Tech Educate, in which the company donates free copies of PC Tech magazine to libraries of various schools and institutions per month.

SOURCE: The New Times

KIGALI — A meeting bringing together stakeholders from various segments of the society was held yesterday in Kigali with participants urging for closer collaboration on ICT issues by all players.

The meeting, which attracted participants from the ICT sector, government and civil society, aimed at discussing present and future challenges associated with the use of the internet.

Speaking at the forum, Ignace Gatare, the Minister in Charge of ICT in the Office of the President, said that the country is putting much effort in accelerating the rollout of strategic broadband infrastructure.

Uganda Communications Commission has launched the first annual Communications Innovation Awards for stakeholders in the communications industry.

“The Uganda Communications Commission, as the regulator of the communications sector seeks to recognise stakeholders within the industry, who have over a defined period of time, delivered innovative communication services to the market,” reads a statement by the Commission.

Acronis Backup and Security 2010In many ways, when we intend to save data or information for future reference in our computers, our data or information may need to be protected from viruses, malware, unwanted intrusions, data theft or loss. For those important reasons, a new back up and security tool called ‘Acronis Backup and Security’ has been developed and ready for use.

Acronis Backup and Security 2010 is a new complete tool designed to offer complete protection against the above.

The developers at Acronis managed to create a complete solution to help home and corporate users safeguard their information using top notch security, storage management and disaster recovery software.

Modem_Jabulani_Modem_OpenOn 13th July, Huawei Technologies handed over “3.5G network technology” to MTN Uganda. We received a test modem — the one that it now popularly referred to as Jabulani, following it’s physical design. This review is based on usage over a 3.5G network.
The modem makes a very good first impression. I had many problems with security around Kampala because the guards would find a ball, that tiny, suspicious.

This month’s feature on the revolution of smartphones, together with MTN Uganda’s launch of 3.5G internet technology bring an very interesting dimension to service delivery, especially for people who work in positions that rely heavily on email. Lately, that is pretty much everyone that sits behind a desk with a computer at work.

MTN has come up with several packages that enable subscribers to access the internet “anywhere”, “anytime”. It is, of course more convinient for those using Smartphones. Unfortunately for East Africans, there aren’t many “conventional” outlets for these phones, and the few ones available have greatly hiked their prices. Worse still, there are many fake ones on the market, mostly shipped from China, and going for as low as 10% of the price of the original ones. This  poses a serious problem to someone going out to buy a smartphone for the first time.

PC Tech Forums, our newly launched discussion board is catching the fire.  Among other forums started already, members are discussing Ideas on improving ICT utilisation in schools. This topic was posted by a Senior five student from one of the leading schools in Uganda. We would like to encourage you to...
The PC Tech team, today, announce the release of the 6th Issue of East Africa's Most Contemporary Technology Magazine. In this issue, we observe that whereas, a year ago, it was fair to say that the IPhone was the best Smartphone in the market, Google's Android platform has made...

Text To ChangeTEXT TO CHANGE (TTC) is a non profit organization, founded in 2007 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It uses state of the art mobile phone technology to collect and disseminate health information. TTC has been one of the pioneers in using mobile phones for health monitoring and advocacy in Uganda reaching out to the general public at a large scale. TTC works are demand driven and sets up complete programs with local and international partners. The aim of TTC is to make life saving knowledge easily available to the general public and especially to community and family level caregivers.

It is specialized in interactive and incentive based & interactive SMS programs addressing a wide range of health issues such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Reproductive Health and Family planning.