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This month’s feature on the revolution of smartphones, together with MTN Uganda’s launch of 3.5G internet technology bring an very interesting dimension to service delivery, especially for people who work in positions that rely heavily on email. Lately, that is pretty much everyone that sits behind a desk with a computer at work.

MTN has come up with several packages that enable subscribers to access the internet “anywhere”, “anytime”. It is, of course more convinient for those using Smartphones. Unfortunately for East Africans, there aren’t many “conventional” outlets for these phones, and the few ones available have greatly hiked their prices. Worse still, there are many fake ones on the market, mostly shipped from China, and going for as low as 10% of the price of the original ones. This  poses a serious problem to someone going out to buy a smartphone for the first time.

PC Tech Forums, our newly launched discussion board is catching the fire.  Among other forums started already, members are discussing Ideas on improving ICT utilisation in schools. This topic was posted by a Senior five student from one of the leading schools in Uganda. We would like to encourage you to...
The PC Tech team, today, announce the release of the 6th Issue of East Africa's Most Contemporary Technology Magazine. In this issue, we observe that whereas, a year ago, it was fair to say that the IPhone was the best Smartphone in the market, Google's Android platform has made...

Text To ChangeTEXT TO CHANGE (TTC) is a non profit organization, founded in 2007 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It uses state of the art mobile phone technology to collect and disseminate health information. TTC has been one of the pioneers in using mobile phones for health monitoring and advocacy in Uganda reaching out to the general public at a large scale. TTC works are demand driven and sets up complete programs with local and international partners. The aim of TTC is to make life saving knowledge easily available to the general public and especially to community and family level caregivers.

It is specialized in interactive and incentive based & interactive SMS programs addressing a wide range of health issues such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Reproductive Health and Family planning.

goolglelanguagesOver 5 million more people in Uganda will now be able to search for information on Google search engine using their native language. The launch of Runyakitara and Luo at Makerere University marked the fifth local language that is available on Google’s Ugandan domain, Google.co.ug. Runyakitara and Luo are both ‘umbrella’ languages linking together several closely related dialects spoken in the Western and Northern parts of Uganda.

mtnbaryaMAKERERE University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Venasius Baryamureeba, today challenged telecommunications firms in Uganda to use their networks to spur development in rural Uganda.

Speaking at the launch of the MTN Mobile Internet 3G+ Experiential Week in Kampala, Prof. Baryamureeba said the telecommunications firms were best placed to create development in Uganda by supporting the health and education services particularly in remote areas.

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facebook-100m-detailsAn Online Security Expert, Ron Bowes has managed to create code that scanned through the 500 million strong Users of face book profiles that are set to display information publicly on their Privacy Settings.

The results show that 100 million names were unique out of the 171 Million returned. The List was posted on a popular file sharing site - Pirate Bay


Apple Inc (fomerly Apple Computer, Inc), the Company behind everything Apple ) never runs out of goodies for its loyal customers, released yet another great peripheral – the Magic Trackpad!

The new device is the first ever Multi Touch trackpad that’s gives Desktop users the complete freedom to explore the same unique features that come with the Mac Book Pro’s Trackpad, only this time on their Desktop (iMac). Apple has also added Cool new features to their I Macs  .

RichardThe 2010 Research Consortium on Information Technology Innovations is an international event of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) that brought together over 100 young and experienced researchers in Computer science to discuss research ideas in Information Technology related fields. It is specially designed to provide opportunity for Graduate Students of Computer Science to showcase their on-going research work and network with their peers from various higher institutions all over the world as well as senior researchers of Information Technology.