RichardThe 2010 Research Consortium on Information Technology Innovations is an international event of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) that brought together over 100 young and experienced researchers in Computer science to discuss research ideas in Information Technology related fields. It is specially designed to provide opportunity for Graduate Students of Computer Science to showcase their on-going research work and network with their peers from various higher institutions all over the world as well as senior researchers of Information Technology.

Apple is strict, every one knows it. There platform is so closed and hard to penetrate, only the best get in. They pride themselves in simplicity, lets all face it, and they are damn good when it comes to that! There products are awesomely crafted, so sleek, clean and magical indeed. They have taken the game to the next level.

India_Unveils_35-dollar_PCAimed at students, the tablet supports web browsing, video conferencing and word processing, say developers.

Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said a manufacturer was being sought for the gadget, which was developed by India's top IT colleges.

An earlier cheap laptop plan by the same ministry came to nothing.

The device unveiled on Thursday has no hard disk, using a memory card instead, like a mobile phone, and can run on solar power, according to reports.

Open source encryption on Brazilian banker's hard drive baffles police dictionary attack

cipavThe FBI has admitted defeat in attempts to break the open source encryption used to secure hard drives seized by Brazilian police during a 2008 investigation.

The Bureau had been called in by the Brazilian authorities after the country's own National Institute of Criminology (INC) had been unable to crack the passphrases used to secure the drives by suspect banker, Daniel Dantas.

MTN Investment in Network Technology to lower usage rates and offer high quality connectivity and speed.   

MTN CEO Themba Khumalo and VP Huawei Technologies exchange documents after signing of the Network Hand Over of the New MTN 3.5G PlatformKampala, Uganda - MTN Uganda on Tuesday received an enhanced data network from Huawei Technologies to complement its existing infrastructure, aimed at increasing data connectivity in Uganda at lower prices.

At a ceremony held at the Serena Kampala International Conference Centre, MTN Uganda CEO Themba Khumalo and Huawei Technologies Managing Director Samuel Chen signed an acceptance agreement officially handing over the network over to MTN Uganda for use.

As part of the "Educate" initiative, we shall be publishing articles from of students from various schools and institutions of higher learning.  The following article is written by a student of Ntare School, who also happens to be the president of the Computer Club at that school. Click here to read...
PC_Tech_team_with_Francis_-_AppLabWe are priviledged to announce the release of the 5th (July) Issue of PC Tech Magazine.

This issue features the report from the research study conducted in Uganda by the International Centre for Information Technology and Devlopment (ICITD), USA, in collaboration with Makerere University Business School and PC Tech Communications.

proposed_coverPC Tech is delighted to announce the release of the 5th Issue of the magazine. This issue features a special report from the research study carried out by PC Tech Magazine in collaboration with the International Center for Information Technology Development (ICITD), USA and Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

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June 2010 CoverPC Tech announced the release of the fourth Issue on June 01st. Addressing Journalists at the PC Tech Office in Kampala, Uganda, the Executive Director, Albert Mucunguzi stated that there have been major changes in the layout of the publication, specifically explaining that the red color on the cover has been scrapped.

This development marks the fourth milestone for the young publication, which started just over four months ago. It has been received with great excitement, especially among students in Universities and Higher institutions of Learning around the East African region.

Massive demand has led to some problems with iPhone pre-orders, according to reports.As deliveries of the hotly anticipated iPhone 4 were set to begin, reports surfaced Monday of more problems with the Apple phone's ordering process.

Last week, AT&T, the exclusive wireless provider for the iPhone, suspended pre-orders after its system was overwhelmed.

On Monday, several technology websites reported receiving messages from readers that their iPhone pre-orders had been canceled without any further explanation.