smartphoneMore than a third of smartphone owners annoy their partners by checking their emails outside of office hours, according to a new study.

ver 35 per cent of people who own a smartphone like an Blackberry, check their work emails in their free time and end up annoying their other halves.

mtnMTN Uganda and Star Times TV on 12th July announced the introduction of convenient mobile money payments for the newly-introduced digital KITV services.

The launch was held at the StarTimes head offices in Kampala, where officials of both companies declared their outreach to millions of subscribers across Uganda.

postaBack in the days, postal services were the easiest and cheapest means through which people keep in touch with their distant relatives. Bills, bank statements and employee appointment letters were all sent via post office boxes.

However, the emergency of a digital era that led to augmented use of mobile phones, social networks and computers to communicate, has greatly reshaped the role of mail today.

social_mIt’s clear that social media has led to a proliferation in user generated content, allowing us all to become mini content producers.

We happily take photos and videos that we upload to other sites to share with our friends. What hasn’t been clear however, is just how much these sites are making from the content we willingly upload.

mukomboziMKOMBOZI Commercial Bank has introduced the high technology point of sale devices with capacity to perform variety of banking services at very low costs.

This was said on Sunday in Dar es Salaam by the bank's Managing Director Edwina Lupembe at the ongoing Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) that the new technology was better placed to reduce costs to customers.

gatesThe initial Internet gold rush ended abruptly, destroying many startups and established online businesses alike. But the Web richly rewarded businesspeople with the savvy to foresee technology trends and beat competitors to the next big score. For these whizzes, the Internet has bloated their bank accounts to extremes.

You may notice some famous names missing from this list. Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and others have also proven their business acumen and cemented themselves as owners of radical wealth.


Sharon Againe, the Founder and Managing Director of AgaSha Business Network who is Agronomic Engineer by training acquired BiD Grade Plan Award during the Women in Business Challenge event that was organized by BiD Network in The Netherlands.

This means that her business plan can be presented to BiD Network's investors and funds. Sharon’s plan is targeting at solving problems that African SMEs are facing to access market both locally and globally.

womAudrey MacLean describes herself as an accidental technologist, an accidental entrepreneur, and an accidental investor.

But at the age of eight, she made at least one plan:She would earn a college scholarship. Ms. MacLean, 59, executed that plan and went on to help start Network Equipment Technologies, which went public in 1987. Later, she was a founder and chief executive of Adaptive.

SAMobile banking hit the headlines again this month with Visa’s US$110-million (R750-million) acquisition of South African mobile banking infrastructure company Fundamo.

Analysts, Berg Insight, predict the number of global mobile banking users will increase by 59% a year from 55 million users in 2009 to 894 million users in 2015.

colaboMost of us were raised to be competitive, beginning at a young age in school and sports, and then right onthrough to the business world.

However, at least in business we’re seeing a shift toward companies that play well with others. Both business owners and consumers are looking for better, more sustainable alternatives to “business as usual.”