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Broker Review: I’m Happy To Continue Trading With ADSS

ADSS offers forex spot trading on major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. IMAGE: ADS Securities LLC

ADSS offers forex spot trading on major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. IMAGE: ADS Securities LLC

ADSS is one of the largest and most well-known brokers in the Middle East. The broker was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2010, and since its founding, it has received numerous accolades within the industry. It is known for its transparent pricing structure and its robust trade execution, as well as its suitability for a range of traders of different experience levels.

I created my account with ADSS almost a year ago and I have been placing trades (spot forex and CFDs on indices and commodities) regularly with a Classic account as a retail trader. I did not start on a demo account. Rather, I started trading live immediately due to its low minimum deposit requirement (USD$100), and I became acquainted with the ADSS trading platform by placing live trades from the start.

In this review, I will examine the broker’s full product offering, account types and features, and available trading platforms. I will also review the educational resources of ADSS. For a look into guest reviews of the broker, you can check out this ADSS Revieweek which also contains comments from other past and active traders.

Trading in the financial markets contains risk and most people lose money. This review is not an endorsement of any trading strategy nor should it be construed as financial advice. All information is up to date as of January 2024 and opinions reflected here are my own and presented in no affiliation with ADSS.

ADSS is a broker that is based in the United Arab Emirates. It serves both local and global traders (with some perks for UAE-based traders, such as the integration of UAE Pass for registration). The broker is regulated and authorized by the UAE’s SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority) for Over-the-counter derivatives contracts (CFDs in this case) and the forex spot markets. It has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. As an execution-only broker, they do not provide financial advice.

Products to trade at ADSS and accounts available

ADSS offers forex spot trading on major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. CFD trading on forex, stocks, indices, commodities (agriculture, metals, and energy), cryptocurrencies, and forex are also available. Leverage varies, as do spreads — depending on the instrument, the account type, and time of day in trading.

ADSS offers four types of accounts: Classic, Elite, Elite+, and Demo. The type of account that you will need depends on how much you are going to fund your account, your skill level, and what you want from trading.

The Classic account was my choice, and it is an obvious one for most traders who are just starting out trading. It is also a good option for intermediate traders, with a low minimum deposit requirement of just USD$100. The Classic account is a single-currency account, which can be funded in USD or AED once the account has been verified. The Classic account comes with a maximum leverage of 500:1, tight spreads, and access to the full product range of ADSS.

The Elite and Elite+ accounts start at much higher thresholds, with minimum deposit requirements of USD$100,000 and USD$250,000 respectively. This is a big jump from the Classic account — and the Elite account options are mostly targeted towards professional traders who wish to trade in large volumes and with ultra-tight spreads. Spreads are 25% lower (or more) compared to those available to Classic account traders. Leverage remains at a maximum of 500:1.

The other benefit of having an Elite or Elite+ account comes in three main ways. Firstly, you receive the support of a dedicated senior trader and relationship manager. You also get access to +Elite events affiliated with the broker. Finally, Elite and Elite+ accounts support multi-base currency funding and storage — which can help traders place trades more conveniently and save on currency conversion fees.

A demo account with ADSS is available for free upon registration. Demo traders can use the ADSS trading platform or MT4 to place trades in a simulated environment, risk-free. However, the demo is limited to 60 days, as it says on the broker’s website. Afterward, traders have the option to terminate their trading demo or switch to a live account. I did not start out with a demo account, but it is worth doing this if you are new to trading or want to test out the broker’s proprietary platform – speaking of which, is great for beginners.

Trading platforms

ADSS offers two platforms for trading for demo and live traders: their proprietary (ADSS) trading platform and MT4. Traders have the option to use both if they request it. Experienced traders who are already using MT4 but perhaps with another broker — they can also easily make the transition to continue using the platform with ADSS.

One thing to note is that crypto CFD trading is not available on MT4 — just on the ADSS platform.

The ADSS platform is much sleeker and cleaner compared to MT4. It has a large chart of any selected instrument in the middle of the interface, and sidebars on the left, right, and bottom.

The left sidebar pane contains the main modules — Products, Watchlist, Positions, Order, and History. The right sidebar pane contains an order ticket window for fast entry into the market. At the bottom is an overview of all open positions, including information on instrument and live prices — grouped by product. In my opinion, this clear, non-cluttered interface makes it extremely easy for traders to get their start in trading.

There are five charting options on the ADSS trading platform; line, mountain, candle, Heikin-Ashi, and OHLC five drawing tools; trend line, parallel channel, Andrew’s Pitchfork, Gann Fan, and Fibonacci. There are an additional three indicators; MACD, RSI, and Volume. Finally, traders can view charts in 15 timeframes, from 1 minute to 6 months. Further customization in terms of color, line width, and line style (dotted, dashed, or concrete lines) are available.

The MT4 platform on the other hand provides a slightly more complex view — and for advanced traders, there is the possibility of using integrated plugins. Expert Advisors (EAs) may be used for automated trading, and participation within MetaTrader forums and communities can aid in social trading ventures.

Educational resources

ADSS does not offer financial advice, but it provides a selection of educational resources that range from platform guides and trading webinars to a trader’s glossary. Educational articles are also available, and most of the content on the website is in English and Arabic. The guides are clear and where I found the most use out of, while the educational content (the glossary and articles) are newer additions to the site.


Overall, having traded with ADSS for almost a year on their proprietary platform, I am happy to say I will continue working with this broker as I hone my trading skills.

The Classic account holds up well with access to the full range of trading products and a good suite of trading tools and indicators on the platform. There is a small charge of currency conversion for profits and losses, but it is negligible. The main appeal is the low entry barrier at USD$100, it is a good starting point for beginners and intermediate traders — and if you are an experienced or professional trader, you also have the option of the Elite and Elite+ accounts to choose from.

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