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Centenary Set To Begin The Construction of its Tier 3 Green Data Centre

Bishop of Masaka Diocese and Board Director Centenary Group, Bishop Severus Jjumba ground breaks the construction of Centenary Tier 3 green data center.

Bishop of Masaka Diocese and Board Director Centenary Group, Bishop Severus Jjumba ground breaks the construction of Centenary Tier 3 green data center.

A groundbreaking ceremony marked the commencement of a pioneering project in Uganda — the construction of the nation’s first Tier 3 green data center in Southern Uganda, representing a multi-million-dollar investment by Centenary Group. This ambitious endeavor is set to not only advance Uganda’s digital infrastructure but also emphasize environmentally sustainable technology solutions.

The groundbreaking comes two years after the company secured land in Masaka on February 4th, 2022 for the construction of the data center. PC Tech Magazine has been informed that during that time till the groundbreaking, the company was working on budget approvals, and securing licenses, among other requirements, to get a go-ahead with the construction of the data center.

With all the requirements secured, the company will now go ahead with the construction of the nation’s first Tier 3 green data center outside the country’s capital. Its construction outside Uganda’s capital, Kampala, is deliberate as part of Centenary Group’s intention to use financial services as an intervention for eradicating poverty among the rural poor and improving their standard of living.

Aligning with Centenary’s 40th anniversary in Uganda, the green data center is a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainable development. Designed to minimize environmental impact, the facility will utilize renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies, setting a new standard for eco-friendly digital infrastructure in the region.

During the groundbreaking event, the Bishop of Masaka Diocese and Board Director Centenary Group, Bishop Severus Jjumba, said, “As we break ground for this transformative green data center, we are not just laying the foundation for advanced technology but also for a more inclusive and equitable future.”

Jjumba further added that the data center will be a beacon of hope, especially for last-mile communities, offering them a digital lifeline that connects, empowers, and uplifts. “The data center represents our commitment to ensuring that the fruits of technological advancement are shared by all, regardless of their location or socio-economic status,” he remarked.

This facility is not just about harnessing the power of technology, it’s about doing so responsibly and sustainably, according to Peter Kahiigi, Centenary Technology Services’ CTO. He emphasized that as the company builds the state-of-the-art center, they are equally committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, using renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies. “This approach is reflective of our belief that the future of technology must be green.”

Kahiigi also said, “By advancing digital infrastructure in an eco-friendly manner, we are setting a new standard for sustainable development in the tech industry, ensuring that our digital growth is in harmony with our natural world.”

Bishop of Masaka Diocese and Board Director Centenary Group, Bishop Severus Jjumba (center) poses for a group with representatives from Centenary Technology Services led by Peter Kahiigi (2nd from right) after groundbreaking the construction of their Tier 3 green data center.

As cybercrime continues to pose significant challenges in Uganda, this state-of-the-art data center will play a crucial role in enhancing the nation’s cybersecurity posture. It aims to provide a fortified digital environment, protecting businesses and consumers from increasing cyber threats and fraud.

A significant focus of the project is on the equalizing power of ICT. The data center is expected to have a transformative impact on last-mile communities, offering them unprecedented access to digital resources and services. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that the benefits of technology reach the most underserved and remote areas of Uganda.

The planned Centenary data center aligns with Uganda’s Digital Transformation Roadmap, reinforcing the country’s dedication to integrating digital technology across all sectors. It stands as a critical component in Uganda’s strategy to harness digital technology for national development and inclusive growth.

The groundbreaking ceremony is more than just the start of a construction project, it’s a declaration of Uganda’s ambition to embrace a future where technology drives not only economic growth but also promotes environmental sustainability and social inclusivity.


The data center industry is gradually growing in Uganda and functions in many parts of the business such as data backup, networking, website hosting, email management, and security. Raxio Data Centre is one of the many data centers we have in Uganda. The data center is a Certified Tier 3 Data Centre and is located in Namave Industrial & Business Park, a highway to Kenya where Uganda picks up Sub Marine Fibre capacity and thus about 8 fiber connections to Mombasa for internet transit.

The government of Uganda also has a Tier III data center in Jinja, and it was formally launched by President Museveni in 2019 as a strategy for the government to provide a centralized hosting service for its data and applications.

Uganda is estimated to have at least 10 data centres both government and privately owned.

A Tier 3 data center combines and exceeds the features and capabilities of Tier 1 and Tier 2 data centers but with redundant capacity and data center infrastructure components. It is the third level/tier of data centers introduced by the Uptime Institute. Tier 4 data center is the most complex and has the most redundant components.


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