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Centenary Bank Donates 20 Computers To St. Cecilia Junior School as Part of Their CSR Initiatives

Teddy Nankinga, the Headteacher of St. Cecilia Junior School receives computers from Centenary Bank.

Teddy Nankinga, the Headteacher of St. Cecilia Junior School receives computers from Centenary Bank.

In a bid to promote technology-powered education, Centenary Bank donated 20 computers to St. Cecilia Junior School in Najjanankumbi, to promote digital education amongst the pupils. The computers were handed over to the school by the bank as part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and environmental social and governance agenda in Uganda.

Ms. Allen Ayebare, the Chief Manager of Corporate Affairs and Communications at Centenary Bank, stressed the bank’s conscious effort to support education and invest in technology to enable more Ugandan learners to enhance their academic performance while preparing them for a smart future as the bank transitions into a smart bank.

“This effort falls well within our education and digital agenda. We are evolving into a smart bank and we don’t want to go into that transition alone, we are going with you. I want to thank you for the vision of this nation because when you touch a child, you are touching Uganda,” remarked Ayebare.

Ayebare further said that they have set aside 2% of their net profits every year for CSR initiatives — in addition, looked for partners to make their contributions to our causes. “So, together, with our partners, we give over more to our customers,” she said.

Teddy Nankinga, the Headteacher, of St. Cecilia Junior School was grateful for the bank’s donation and she explained the importance of early ICT education in helping children adapt to the global changes.

“We are very grateful to Centenary Bank for choosing our school among many to receive these computers. We are aware that for a child to compete favorably globally, they need ICT education,” she said. “We are very sure that with this support, we shall be able to impact the lives of our students in the right direction to make them aware of the changing global trends.”

Since its inception, Centenary Bank has consistently and deliberately dedicated time and resources to transforming lives and improving the welfare of the communities in which it operates.


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