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5 Ways to Protect Your iPhone From Damage

PHOTO: Ali Abdul Rahman/unsplash

PHOTO: Ali Abdul Rahman/unsplash

If you’re old enough to remember the days of flip phones, you’ll recall how indestructible those little things were. Once they folded closed, they could be kicked, thrown, dropped, and even stepped on without incurring any significant damage.

Those days are unfortunately over. The touchscreen smartphone model pioneered by Apple favors big screens that offer little protection from damage. That means you have to take extra steps in protecting your iPhone yourself. Here are our top five tips.

Protect it With a Phone Case

The first and most obvious step you should take to protect your iPhone from damage is to get a phone case. These days it’s rare to see anyone sporting their phone without a phone case – and for good reason. Just one drop can crack your screen, rendering the little device unusable.

Shop the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases or any other model you might own to find one which matches your style.

MyDeal iPhone also offers a wide selection of iPhone cases that provide sturdy protection and stylish designs to safeguard your device and keep it looking brand new.

Secure it With a Screen Protector

A simple phone case isn’t enough to prevent cracks or shatters. Yes, even if you get one of those super-tough cases that make your phone so big it won’t fit in your pocket.

We recommend getting a screen protector, which will hold the screen glass in place in case it cracks. The same technology that has been used for years to create shatter-proof car windshields is now being used on screen protectors. If only it were being used on the screens themselves!

Purchase a Warranty Plan

Let’s face it: many of us depend on our phones to get through the day. This isn’t conjecture — it’s a fact. In a recent survey, 30% of 18-29-year-olds were found to be what is considered “phone dependent.”

Even if you secure your cellphone with a case and a screen protector, it can die or be damaged in other ways. Ensure you’re not left in a lurch if your phone suddenly dies on you, and purchase a comprehensive warranty plan from your device’s manufacturer.

Don’t Walk and Text

The average American drops their phone at least four times per week. If you have a case and screen protector, you should be fine. But all it takes is one bad drop!

Aside from buying accessories to protect your phone from your poor care, try improving the way you use the phone! The number one thing you should not do is walk and text. It endangers both you and your phone.

Close Your Ports

This is a little-known iPhone safety tip, so we’re glad to share it. You can purchase small plugs to protect your phone’s ports from being jammed with debris found in pockets and bags. Phones can be rendered unchargeable if jammed too severely, so close your ports proactively.

Investing In Your Future

Our smartphones help us do our jobs, pay our bills, shop for groceries, and connect us with our friends. Protecting them is an investment in our future.

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