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A List of Affordable Countries From Where You Can Get Your iPhone

Apple has recently launched its iPhone 14 series and it has gone on sale from Sep. 16, 2022, in India. The current line-up of the Apple iPhone 14 series has set its price at Rs. 79,900. This tech giant has kept up with the previous prices of the iPhone 13 series across iPhone 14 models in the US while the company has increased prices in various parts of the world that include Japan, Turkey, Germany, and Australia. On the other hand, in India, the cost of iPhone pro models was hiked by Rs. 10,000, as per a recent report.

Let’s check out a list of the countries where you can affordably place your hands on the latest iPhone.

United States of America

The tax system in the US is a bit complex since every state has varied taxes levied on various commodities. If you want to buy the iPhone 12 Mini, this will range from around USD$699 to USD$759, which is still less than what it costs in India. Moreover, since the United States of America features the biggest customer base of Apple, Apple, as a company, keeps the most competitive prices in this country.


Keeping in mind the iPhone 12 series, it has been priced at its least in Japan and you will be rather surprised to know that the iPhone 12 Mini costs around 74,800 Yen in Japan. In case you’re wondering about such insanely nominal prices of Apple iPhones in Japan, it is because the money supermarket in Japan is highly important for Apple. Hence, the prices are kept at very low levels. Apple constantly needs to keep attracting Japanese customers by offering them affordable prices.


It goes without mentioning that the UAE is the richest country in the world as taxes in this country are negligible. The reasonable prices of Apple devices in this country is accounting for the major chunk of the UAE market. Moreover, the stable and rich economy of the country makes it possible for the residents to choose an iPhone over an Android device. If you consider the iPhone 12 Pro, it is available for Rs. 84,000, which is 2/3rds of its price in India.


The price of the iPhone 12 series in Canada is in many ways similar to the prices in North America. In this place too, there are various taxes for various states and hence the iPhone 12 Mini is probably available at a very low cost of 979 Canadian dollars. Hence, if you want to buy this, you can save up to 48,000 to 50,000 on this phone if you get it from Canada.


If you’re someone who has targeted the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Australia is the best destination for you. You can purchase this phone at a starting price of 1859 Australian dollars. Not only that but the other models of Apple iPhone can also be got at lower prices.

A comparison list of countries and prices of different iPhone models


iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 (64GB)

iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB)

iPhone 12 Pro Max (128 GB)

India INR 69,900 INR 79,900 INR 1,20,000 INR 1,30,000
Hampshire, USA $699 $799 $999 $1,099
Canada 979 CAD 1,129 CAD 1,399 CAD1 1,549 CAD
Japan 74,800 JPY 85,800 JPY 1,06,800 JPY 1,17,800 JPY
Australia 1,199 AUD 1,349 AUD1 1,699 AUD 1,849 AUD
Dubai 2,999 AED 3,399 AED 4,199 AED 4,699 AED

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the most affordable countries in the world where you can get an iPhone from, what are you waiting for? Plan a vacation to any of these places and don’t forget to bring with you the latest iPhone model.



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