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How to Know Who Blocked You on Instagram

Instagram allows its user to add #hashtags and @mentions to their bios which become live links that lead to a hashtag page or another profile. (Photo Credit: Shutterstock Images)

(PHOTO: Shutterstock)

Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t directly show you who blocked you when you click on someone’s profile neither does the photo-sharing platform send you a notification when it happens — so you will probably never get to know who blocked you unless you take matters into your hands and investigate.

Here are some of the methods you can try to see if another user blocked you:

Search for their account

The first thing you will have to do is search for their account from the search bar via the app. If the account doesn’t appear in the results then they probably blocked you, changed their username, or deleted their account.

Search for likes and comments on other accounts they follow

In case it’s a private account, make sure you both mutually follow it. If you find any like or comment from the account you suspect to have blocked you, this indicates that the user hasn’t deleted their account but has definitely blocked you.

Use an old comment or a DM to reach their profile

If their profile shows up but also displays a User not found, you can’t see their profile image, post count, follower count, or following count, and a No Posts Yet message on the photo grid, this confirms that you’re blocked.

Visit their profile via the web

Launch any mobile or desktop browser and enter [for example;]. In case you can see their profile on the browser but not on the app, it means they blocked you. If you cannot see the profile via Instagram on the web, the person could have deleted their account.

Try following them again

Head to Instagram on the web and open their profile page in the browser. Check if they have blocked you by tapping the blue follow button. If they have blocked you, the button won’t work, and Instagram might indicate a problem with a message.

Use a different account

You can also confirm you’ve been blocked by using a friend’s account to search for the user in question, or you could create another Instagram account. If you can find their profile and see their posts plus additional info once you search from a different account, you have been blocked.


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