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MTN Unveils Finalist of the Nsindika Njake Show Competing For UGX60M

The Nsindika Njake finalists (L-R) and the show presenters (C) shortly after making their pitches to the judges on the 11th episode.

The Nsindika Njake finalists (L-R) and the show presenters (C) shortly after making their pitches to the judges on the 11th episode.

Shakira Nassejje, Joseph Kwesiga, Jovan Kagezi, and David Kasaali are the 4 youthful budding entrepreneurs who have fought tooth and nail to retain their spots in the ongoing MTN-sponsored youth mentorship reality show dubbed Nsindika Njake ne MTN.

The 12-week show that premiered this year in April aimed at helping the youths learn how to efficiently operate successful profit-making businesses in the most cost-effective ways while stimulating an entrepreneurship acumen among the numerous viewers to lessen unemployment rates in the country.

Out of the 24 youthful entrepreneurs that started the show, only 4 have managed to put up a spirited fight by constantly accomplishing the various challenges and refining their propositions to keep them in the race that will see one of them take home UGX60 million as their business capital courtesy of MTN Uganda. The runner-ups will also walk away with assorted cash prizes to bolster their business initiatives.

While the overall winners will be chosen by the judges’ vote based on the delivery of their final pitches, a voting window was opened on 16th June to allow the viewers to cast a vote for their participant of choice, ahead of the grand finale of the show. The people’s choice winner will walk away with an additional cash prize of UGX5 million.

You can vote for your favorite participant via USSD by dialing *170*70# or on the MTN Website:

Below are some excerpts from the 11th episode of the show, that will give you an insight into the 4 Nsindika Njake finalists.

Shakira Nassejje

19 -year-old Shakira Nassejje who runs a small crafting business by the name ‘Shan Crafters Hub’ maintains that MTN has unfolded her eyes to see new capabilities and gifts in herself in a period of close to three months on the highly educative and inspiring Nsindika Njake show.

“What an honor for a young girl like me to remain competing among three energetic men!” said Nasseje in the show aired last week. “I applied with a positive attitude that I can win despite my business being small.”

Nassejje’s father, Mohammad Muyingo, is proud of his daughter who pushed herself to enter such a business skilling project that will boost her own invented business.

“Every time she tells me to watch the show on NBS TV, I immediately begin mobilizing family, friends, and relatives to tune in so as to support my genius girl. For the levels she has passed am sure my daughter is going to win,” said Muyingo.

Joseph Kwesiga

Energetic Joseph Kwesiga, another contestant running a sugarcane juice business named ‘Natural Crafted Blends’ heard the Nsindika Njake advert on Galaxy FM and followed the procedures that were required to participate.

“I have understood how to run my business while complying to quality standards, communication skills, and team-building skills that shall come in handy once I employ people to run the business in my absence,” said Kwesiga.

Kwesiga’s sister, Edith Kigozi, says that she has observed her brother creating many small businesses to earn a living. Kigozi believes that her brother is not going to waste the 60 million shillings on gambling but invest in materials needed to widen his current business.

Jovan Kagezi

On his part, Jovan Kagezi, said he picked an interest to participate in this entrepreneurship program while listening to Radio Simba. He beat hundreds of applicants to secure a spot on the show.

Kagezi praised the challenging project for widening his thinking capacity with a bigger vision for his business named ‘Giovatech Renewable Energies’.

“This opportunity has improved my marketing language, handling business, and making a cash book among others. I thank MTN for allowing the world to see my business and being able to motivate people to start small-scale businesses through the show,” said Kagezi.

According to Olivia Nakakande, a worker at Giovahtech, Kagezi is a hardworking man and if he wins, he is going to upskill all the workers.

“I got excited when Jovan entered MTN’s Nsindika Njake and me watching him competing and exploring the business sector gives me hope that our company is heading to the top in the economy. I pray he wins the UGX60 million,” Nakakande said.

David Kasaali

David Kassali runs a Ground nut processing and packaging company under the name ‘Psalms 4’. Winning the UGX60 million would enable him to expand his business.

“I hope to open different branches and implement all the skills I have attained from this project. Please viewers vote for me to have more of my products,” said Kasaali.

His wife, Doreen Najjuma spoke profoundly about the development that has occurred in the home, family, and the entire area, due to Kasaali’s business.

“With my husband being skilled in entrepreneurship, I am seeing prosperity. I ask for the people to vote for him because he has worked for it,” said Najjuma.

As a foresighted entrepreneur, Kasaali said he had already budgeted for the 60 million shillings that he believes he is going to win.

All the contestants asked Ugandans to vote for them by simply dialing *170*70#. They thanked all the partners who have made this a success.  The voting process began last week and it is ending tomorrow, ahead of the final show.

The people’s choice winner will win an extra UGX5 million in addition to the cash prize they will get based on the judges’ decisions that shall be informed by the participants’ pitches.

Who is walking away with the UGX60 million? Find out this week by watching the show on NBS TV at 8:30 pm and a repeat on Sunday same time.

The show will also be aired on Galaxy FM, Radio Simba, Radio Buddu, and CBS FM.

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