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Ministry of ICT, Cente Technologies To Battle Youth Unemployment

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance this morning signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Centenary Technology Services (Cente-Tech) that will herald cooperation in creating growth opportunities for Uganda’s youthful population.

The signed MoU will enable Cente-Tech to extend its expertise through ICT advisory and consultancy services to support the ICT Ministry in developing strategies, implementing infrastructure-related services, and sharing Cente-Tech’s global and local experience and knowledge to resolve some of the issues faced by Uganda in the ICT sector.

While at the signing of the MoU, the ICT Minister, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi said the private sector has a critical role to play in accelerating digital transformation. “Uganda’s economic growth must be digitally driven —the digital economy is the recipe for job creation, spurring innovation, boosting economic growth, and supporting long-term competitiveness in the global digital economy.”

“I thank Cente-Tech for enabling a commercialization and sustainability path that our young innovators can take on,” notes Baryomunis. “Once our young people get more revenue, they create more jobs. We are indeed primed to become Africa’s Innovation Powerhouse.”

Centenary Group’s Executive Chairman, Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu said the deliberate participation in this joint effort to digitize comes at a time when not just innovation, but co-innovation, has become more crucial than ever. “The journey to digitize our nation can not be left to Government alone and therefore makes our participation important,” he says —adding that “Centenary Group with all its subsidiaries [including Cente-Tech] are ready to work with the government in uplifting the rural communities.”

Cente-Tech is a subsidiary of Centenary Group and it is committed to using technology to sustainably progress job creation, spur innovation, boost economic growth and uplift rural communities.

Technology is an essential tool in promoting competitiveness, job creation, sustainable development, and overall poverty reduction. It has the potential to transform business, driving entrepreneurship, innovation, economic growth, and breaking down barriers of distance and cost in the delivery of services. It is in appreciation of this truth that the ICT Ministry partnered with the digitization experts, Cente-Tech.

With a combined ICT industry experience of over 75 years in the public and private sector, Cente-Tech provides holistic technology solutions and delivers innovation that matters to enable and inspire growth. Cente-Tech’s niche lies in ICT advisory and Research, ICT Managed Services & Infrastructure, and ICT Innovation & Digital Services.

Centenary Group has a considerably aggregated demand and audience through intricately structured entities that include: 640 church parishes, 219 institutions, 264 hospitals, and 3,388 schools representing a community of over 20 million Ugandans across the country. Through the MoU, this demand will be extended to the Ministry of ICT-supported innovators community, by way of providing sustainability for innovations in focus areas, namely; education, agriculture, health, and trade.

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