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WhatsApp Finally gets Voice note upgrade


WhatsApp has been hard at work introducing multiple upgrades to its voice messaging functionality. Now, it looks set to introduce its best update yet in a move that could see users finally given the ability to play voice notes in the background.

If you’re a regular user of voice notes, then you’ll be aware of the minuscule frustrations that arise from having to listen to a voice message without being able to switch away from the open chat. It’s not only annoying, but it often means sitting through friends’ voice notes that are sometimes more akin to podcasts than concise verbal exchanges. Thankfully, that could soon be a thing of the past.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users will soon be able to play voice notes in the background, meaning you can multi-task and crack on with the day’s duties whilst still being able to listen to your voice messages. Because let’s be clear: even what may be perceived as short WhatsApp voice notes can be laborious, particularly if you need to be responding to other people at the same time.

Currently, users have to remain inside the chat window to listen to the note, but this update would enable you to still play the voice note and exit that particular chat window. This is actually a very important tweak and one of those features that would benefit every single user of the app, letting you check or reply to other chats or group conversations.

Right now, it’s still as a mystery as to when the update will be rolled out – though at the rate WhatsApp handles new updates, we’re hopeful it’ll be soon.

Background voice notes are just the latest example of WhatsApp being able to identify its users’ dislikes of the platform before looking to deliver fresh new updates that improve the user experience. I, for one, am always frustrated by having to remain in an open chat to listen to a voice note and we’re confident many users will feel the same.


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