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6 Ways to Reach More People by Getting Your Articles Published in Top News Publications

Publishing your articles in influential publications and media outlets is well worth the time and effort you spend. (PHOTO: Obi Onyeador/Unsplash)

Publishing your articles in influential publications and media outlets is well worth the time and effort you spend. (PHOTO: Obi Onyeador/Unsplash)

There are several reasons why small businesses and companies want to get their content published in larger publications and magazines. Publishing articles in top national news or industry publications is a great idea to increase visibility, build credibility and attract more new prospects to your business website or blog. Unlike other advertising tactics, when people find and read articles published by you, it makes your brand legitimate and credible in the mind of potential customers, clients, and readers.

An old man pictured reading newspapers in the streets. (PHOTO: Filip Mishevski/Unsplash)

Getting a well-written and informative article in a relevant magazine or publication approved can be a little bit tricky but not impossible. Below we mention some ways you can get your articles published in top news publications easily.

1. Research and identify suitable publications

Finding the right publication or media outlet is the first and foremost step towards getting your articles published. Spend some time to find appropriate publications to make sure that your content fits the target audience of that publication. Go through the main pages of the publication like about us, editorial calendar, content guidelines, and other details to ensure they are the right fit for your content. It increases the chances of getting your article published without facing trouble.

2. Find the right contact person

If you are contacting the wrong person to get your article published, they will not respond to your emails or calls. Some of them might let you know whom you should contact for further details. Going through main website pages like about us or contact us can help you find contact details about editors or editorial staff. Most business owners and marketers also use data scrapping tools to find out contact details and information for pitching. Popular media outlets usually list the editor section directly on the contact us page. This means you need to check the website carefully to find out the right person to contact and increase the chances of getting your emails responded to.

3. Research content submission guidelines

Every media outlet or publication has different guidelines and requirements to publish outsiders. The more you are aware of their guidelines and requirements, the more chances you will have to get the content published. Some giant publications and media outlets usually want to see the portfolio of work, author bio, and a well-written pitch before they make a decision to publish the article. Working with PR agencies and link-building experts is another easier way to publish your content on larger publications in exchange for some bucks also known as publishing fee.

4. Pitch your article

Pitching your story or article is an art. The pitch includes the topic you are about to write and the way you will elaborate the topic to make it easily readable and consumable for the target audience. You should pitch the article before you complete it as it allows you to save valuable time in case the pitch is rejected by the editorial team. Make sure to pitch your article by following all the content guidelines and requirements to increase the chances of acceptance.

5. Get your article ready

Congratulations! If your pitch is accepted by the editorial team. Now writing the complete article should be the next step. When writing the article, consider all the content guidelines like word count, and tone of writing to make it more effective. Ensure to match your style and tone to recent articles published in the publication. It will help you get more eyeballs on your content and shares as well.

6. Build relationships

Relationship building with famous authors, editors, and journalists is a great idea to break into some larger publications and appear in trending news with a great story about your brand or company. It may take time to build relations with staff writers and authors, but it is worthwhile. As a result, you can have more opportunities to publish your content and articles on popular news and trade publications.

Publishing your articles in influential publications and media outlets is well worth the time and effort you spend. It helps you build brand credibility & loyalty along with driving more traffic to your business website or blog. It also helps improve your ranking and visibility in search engines and strengthen your own domain and brand authority.

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