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After Nov. 1st WhatsApp Won’t Support These Phones

A user displays WhatsApp iOS version.

(PHOTO: Olupot Nathan Ernest/PC Tech Magazine)

2021 ends in the next three months, so we expect to see a lot of changes from companies come 2022. This also applies to WhatsApp, as the social network giants are in plans to end its support for some Android and iPhone devices.

WhatsApp listed a number of devices that will no longer support or be compatible with the WhatsApp messaging app starting November 1st, 2021. Notably, any phones running software versions lower than Android 4.1 and iOS 9 will no longer receive Whatsapp updates or new features.

According to WhatsApp’s FAQ website, the app will continue to function for the following software users:

To check what version of OS your phone supports,

  1. For iPhone users, Go to settings >> general >> about —and it is from here where you will see what software version your phone is running on.
  2. For Android Users, Go to settings >> scroll down and select ‘about the phone’ >> select software information —and it is from here where you will see what software version your phone is running on.

If your phone is running on a software version lower than what is need for WhatsApp, you can update your software then. However, you can only update your software only if your phone is eligible for the software update. Other than this, you will need to get a new smartphone if you want to receive WhatsApp updates.

After Nov. 1st, 2021 it does not mean that the app will stop working on the devices, the app will continue working on the phones but will not be getting security updates or new features.

  1. iPhone SE.
  2. iPhone 6S.
  3. iPhone 6S Plus.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Trend II.
  6. Samsung Galaxy SII.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.
  8. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2.
  9. Samsung Galaxy Core.
  10. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.
  11. LG Lucid 2.
  12. LG Optimus F7.
  13. LG Optimus F5.
  14. LG Optimus L3 II Dual.
  15. LG Optimus F5, Optimus L5.
  16. LG Optimus L5 II.
  17. LG Optimus L5 Dual.
  18. LG Optimus L3 II.
  19. LG Optimus L7.
  20. LG Optimus L7 II Dual.
  21. LG Optimus L7 II.
  22. LG Optimus F6.
  23. LG Enact.
  24. LG Optimus L4 II Dual.
  25. LG Optimus F3.
  26. LG Optimus L4 II.
  27. LG Optimus L2 II.
  28. LG Optimus Nitro HD.
  29. LG Optimus F3Q.
  30. Huawei Ascend G740.
  31. Huawei Ascend Mate.
  32. Huawei Ascend D Quad XL.
  33. Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL.
  34. Huawei Ascend P1 S.
  35. Huawei Ascend D2.
  36. Sony Xperia Miro.
  37. Sony Xperia Neo L.
  38. Xperia Arc S.
  39. ZTE Grand S Flex.
  40. ZTE V956.
  41. Grand X Quad V987.
  42. Grand Memo.
  43. Alcatel One Touch Evo 7.
  44. Archos 53 Platinum.
  45. HTC Desire 500.
  46. Caterpillar Cat B15.
  47. Wiko Cink Five.
  48. Wiko Darknight.
  49. Lenovo A820.
  50. UMi X2.
  51. Faea F1.
  52. THL W8.
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