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How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic in 2021

Gaining traffic to online stores can be quite challenging especially with the changing digital trends and the consumer behavior. (PHOTO: Austin Distel/Unsplash)

Gaining traffic to online stores can be quite challenging especially with the changing digital trends and the consumer behavior. (PHOTO: Austin Distel/Unsplash)

Did you just take your business online? Wondering how the online store can drive traffic, has become the major cause of concern. With the growing number of web users, having an online presence is becoming the more important thing for businesses.

Moreover, with the recent pandemic showing how businesses with online presence get a better ROI, it is always better to have an online presence, which is targeted at the local market.

Moreover, gaining traffic to the online store can be quite challenging. Especially with the changing digital trends, and the consumer behavior getting fickler, trends become vital.

Understanding the trends of consumer behavior and the growth of the digital boom, we must look into some of the exciting ways to drive online traffic.

  1. Business listing on Google: Listing the location on Google is essential to drive the local traffic. If you are new to online stores, you surely don’t want to lose out on your offline customers. So, how can you ensure that local consumers are not lost? Leverage geo-targeting, since it enhances the ease of discovering your store online. Moreover, it also enhances the touchpoints that the user can have to reach out to your store. Isn’t it exciting?
  1. Leveraging Video Marketing: Content is slowly shifting towards video content. And you don’t want your store to miss out on it. Video content is getting more than 70% of the clicks, and marketing enthusiasts are highly positive about the ROI from video marketing. With more than 80% of the business owners claiming video marketing improves lead generation, are you still missing out on it? The penetration of the internet and ease of data availability makes it all the more important to capture the video content. Video marketing when coupled with email marketing enhances the click-through rate. And, emails with great content can generate volumes of leads, just in few months and lesser investments.
  1.  Retargeting: Every time a user visits your website, they leave behind traces in the form of cookies. These cookies are the bits of information that you can use to retarget the users who have visited your site. But, you need to be careful that you don’t end up compromising the privacy of the users. Stay aware of the global developments in the domain of privacy. Ensure that you are quite well informed about the same as well.
  1. Focus on the designing of the website: What meets the eye, almost always touches the heart. If you have a website with a good user experience, you need not worry about the customer bouncing off from your website. A great website doesn’t only limit itself to awesome visuals but SEO and content play a major role. Both on-page and off-page SEO enhances the chances of getting an awesome response and lead conversion, as well.
  1. Local SEO: If your business is focused on local audiences then applying local SEO tricks can bring traffic over the night. Analyze your local audience properly before start working on it. Because Ecommerce SEO Melbourne can not be the same as ecommerce SEO in New York. Few tips for implementing local SEO.

Bottom line
Starting anything for the first time might be quite complicated. Yet, it is important to understand the technicalities, and getting your store online might be tricky, without previous experience. We suggest you looking for professional help, if you get stuck, as proper digital marketing can increase your ROI as well.

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