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Top SEO Trends Everyone Needs to Know in 2021


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SEO is the one thing that continuously sprouting in the digital marketing landscape. In a recent couple of years, search engine optimization has changed in conjunction with advanced technologies and innovations like mobile devices, AI and voice assistants, etc. And this will continue to change in the years to come. Which poses a challenge to webmasters and brands to stay ahead of the curve. 

In this piece of writing, we will discuss top SEO trends that can help you improve your rankings in 2021. 

Search Intent

After the BERT update announced by Google in 2019, the search engine has been able to understand the search intent of users. In simple words, Google’s algorithm can find out the reason behind a search query made by a user. In simple words, Google knows that whether a user is looking for a certain location, information, or want to buy something. Search intent accommodates voice assistants and voice search that are growing greatly. That’s why, you should be using keywords starting with ‘what, why, where, how, and when’ etc. in order to appear in more searches. Not only for Google, but you should also be optimizing your site for other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, etc. as a leading digital marketing agency Super Clear Contents suggests doing this for better search engine rankings across the web.

Create Quality Content

High quality & most relevant content is always a key when it comes to increasing the visibility and popularity of a website in search engines. The better and informative content you create and publish on your site, the more your site gets noticed by both search engines and users. Search engines don’t like low quality and poorly written content. They also put your website down quickly when you fail to meet the users’ needs and unable to create an awesome user experience. Quality content is one of the must-haves when you want your website to rank higher in SERPs.

Prove Your Authority (E.A.T.)

The world’s most popular search engine wants you to upload the most relevant, fresh, and proven data and content for its users. If your content hurts users, Google will catch this quickly and drop your rankings. So, in order to protect yourself from the lowest rankings, always try to write and publish quality, authentic, and proven content to boost your authority in search engines. In the new year on its way and beyond, Google will continue to check out repute and E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) of any organization and individuals who publish content for getting higher rankings. That’s why unproven content and data can be a disaster for a website’s rankings. So, you should avoid it at any cost to build and maintain better repute.

Get your Local SEO Right

Search engines constantly update their algorithms for local searches and how results are shown to local users. And you should also be doing the same in order to appear in more local search results. Create your business profiles on local directories and online communities to keep them updated with fresh and useful information. Also, get more online reviews to secure visible positions in local SERPs. In this way, you can convert local users easily. 

User Experience

Alongside interesting products or services and quality content, overall user experience on-site helps a lot in ranking your website higher in search engines. An awesome user experience (UX) is one of the top SEO trends for 2021 and will be a hot topic throughout the year and beyond. So, try to make your website easier to navigate, optimize for loading speed, optimize for mobile users, and make it easier for users to find the required information quickly & easily. Do anything possible on your site to provide your users with an excellent experience to make them stick around for longer and to enjoy booster SE rankings.

Voice Search

Voice search is the best way to get information quickly at any moment even while on the go. Whether you are on your way, you are just lazy to type, or cannot type while doing some important work, voice search is a greater convenience. As a webmaster, you should optimize your website for voice search if you really want to stay ahead of the curve in 2021 and beyond. Optimize your business for most likely spoken voice queries and for multilingual. Use keywords that start with ‘what, why, how, when, and which’ etc. to appear in more voice searches. The use of long-tail keywords is also a superb idea to optimize your business for voice search.

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