AfricaHacks’ 2020 Global Innovation Challenge Seeks to Train Innovators on Startup Development

AfricaHacks to help innovators build startups at the 2020 Global Innovation Challenge for a chance to win $500,000.

AfricaHacks today announced a Global Innovation challenge that will be held virtually from December 5th – 12th, 2020 where participants from across the world will learn from successful Founders, Business Executives, and Tech Leaders on how to create and develop a startup. Those participating in the challenge will have the opportunity to spend seven days creating a startup of their choose while receiving support from AfricaHacks’ mentors, workshop leaders, speakers, and judges from more than 20 countries.

In a press statement, Uchi Uchibeke, Founder of AfricaHacks, said the platform enables rapid startup creation by providing tools for team formation, user-centered product development, and peer and mentor feedback.

“Often, brilliant ideas are not implemented because those who think of them don’t have the resources or time to launch them. At the 2020 AfricaHacks Global Hackathon, anyone can launch a startup from their ideas and also win prizes and support worth hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he said.

He adds that the challenge is the first time that Africa will meet the world in the cloud to learn, innovate, and launch startups.

Winners of the challenge will receive USD$500,000 (roughly UGX1.9 billion) and join the AfricaHacks Startup Program. Post-Hackathon, the top teams will join the Startup Program and work towards building a startup from their projects. The Hackathon and startup program is supported by leading global companies, including Grant for the Web, Nexmo, Linode, Twilio, Amazon Web Services, Notion, Hubspot, Segment, Balsamiq, and others.

The 2020 AfricaHacks Global Hackathon is open to anyone from any country. To apply to join the 2020 AfricaHacks Global Hackathon, intreseted participants can FOLLOW THIS LINK.


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