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Starting A New CNC Machine Business: Top Tips

Forging a business around a CNC machine is an excellent idea, and if you take the right approach you could create an operation which is both profitable and agile to help respond to changing market pressures.

Of course this is easier said than done, so here are a handful of helpful tips that should let you get your CNC machine business off the ground without the usual setbacks.

Choose the right hardware & software

Clearly the CNC tech you select will determine the kind of projects your business can take on and the types of clients it will appeal to, so you need to give some serious thought to which machinery to pick if you are starting from scratch. Whichever route you take, buying used kit from marketplaces like Revelation Machinery can net you the best value for money, as well as giving you more choice than if you were opting for new equipment.

It is also important to take into account the other hardware and software that you will be harnessing to come up with the designs for the parts and products that are eventually crafted with your CNC machine.

In terms of portability, a laptop can still be your best option and modern multi-core models pack enough punch to run CAD software packages, especially those that are powered by the cloud rather than purely reliant on local hardware. If you are less interested in lugging your computer around with you, a desktop can represent the best value for money.

Set up a website as soon as possible

Even in an age when social media is transforming the way that businesses of all kinds market themselves to prospective customers, you still need to make sure that your fledgling CNC firm has a website to act as its online storefront.

Whether or not you decide to make the site transactional, the fact of the matter is that a website is seen as a token of your business’ legitimacy. Without one, would-be clients might think that you are either not a solid prospect for completing high quality work, or simply behind the times from a technological perspective and so a worse choice than one of your savvier rivals.

Consider the competition

One of the most useful ways of ensuring that your new business is a success is to look at what competitors in the same space are already doing and work out how you can either beat them at their own game, or capitalize on niches that they have yet to occupy.

Your exploration of the competition need not just include other CNC machine operators, but also the alternative types of equipment that can be put to use for prototyping and manufacturing. For example, you could look into the possibility of acquiring a 3D printer alongside a CNC machine to broaden the horizons of your business and avoid being pigeonholed alongside established operators.

However you choose to proceed, keeping your ear to the ground and looking out for the latest tech innovations will improve your chances of achieving your goals.

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