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Creating a Customer Community With Sessia

Shopping: Sessia is having a noticeable impact on the way that people buy online. (Pictured): a person shopping online using a credit card. File Photo

Pictured a customer trying to pay for products online. File Photo

Sessia is having a noticeable impact on the way that people buy online. It’s a remarkably simple idea: combine the digital marketplace with the popularity of social media. By making use of blockchain technology, Sessia is very much ahead of the curve in terms of making use of all that the latest trends have to offer. One of the main reasons why Sessia is landing so well is down to its ease of building communities. For an e-commerce ecosystem that can save businesses money in a variety of ways, it is perhaps that community vitality that is the most important reason why Sessia is taking e-commerce by storm.

Sessia Loyalty

Not only is Sessia a free app to download, it is also very easy to set up an online store and start selling. You don’t even need a PC or laptop. The whole store can be designed and launched using just your phone. Even the loyalty program, one of the major draws of Sessia, is remarkably simple to create. By using crypto-technology, Sessia is able to ensure that security is an absolute priority, and that is proving to be very attractive to those people that have been let down by the privacy ethos of brands like Facebook.

Business blockchain technology can be extremely beneficial if utilized in the right way. The loyalty program alone is proving vital for the brands that have leaped into using Sessia, with customization options that allow you to dictate the cashback that every customer get. This is a major draw of Sessia, and the community network of cashback and network connections only serves to strengthen that sense of community.


One of the reasons why social media has become so popular is that it allows for easier community building among any group. The ease of communication with people and businesses anywhere in the world makes it simple to build your own community groups and establish relationships. Sessia has learned this lesson from social platforms, and have designed their marketplace so that it acts as much like a social gathering place as much as it does a selling platform. The internal messaging function makes it very simple to start discussions with friends, contacts, and brands. This means that a business has no need to outsource communications, and are better placed to build brand loyalty and save money at the same time.

Digital Community

By utilizing the social media space and using it to develop a more streamlined community economy, Sessia makes it much easier to manage than other social sites. The problem with sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is that they developed on the go, and that has lead to design flaws and overall complications when it comes to integrating e-commerce into your portfolio. By learning from the mistakes of the established social networks, Sessia has been able to offer a cash back system that encourages and promotes the building of communities, and makes it far easier to establish yourself as the cornerstone of that community.

The building of communities has been one of the positives of a more connected world. No matter a person’s interests, they can easily find others in the world who have the same interests and opinions. Brands are leveraging communities as a selling opportunity, and when apps like Sessia are able to blur the lines between commerce and community, it means that both consumers and brands are going to benefit.

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