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Six Techniques To Grammar And Spell Check Your Blog Posts

Human errors have been persistent all the way through the history of human beings. No one is excused from these errors; these errors can be baked within a text or can live within codes. Grammar and spelling are relatively complex. There are plenty of online free or paid grammar check tools you can utilize with the sole intention of checking your spelling as well as grammar; still, we have stated up front that not even a single tool is perfect in all aspects. Occasionally they will omit some grammatical errors, or they will mark objects from time to time as errors while they are actually not. A spell or grammar checker will frequently select names as grammar or spelling errors in case it does not exist within their dictionaries. Similarly, grammar checkers will occasionally mark a passive voice sentence as an error while it is only a concern of clarity as well as style.

Mentioned below are six techniques or tools, we have discovered that cover all these bases pretty well. We suggest you to try all of these tools to check for mistakes in your content, until or unless you discover which one works perfectly for your clarity or style and which ones don’t. After you’ve tapered it down, you actually only require a one or two

1-    Grammarly

It is undoubtedly the oft-recommended and popular tools accessible across the internet, and with a worthy cause. It is one of the most interactive and comprehensive tools available out there. It detects millions of prospective spell and grammar mistakes and, apparently, spelling problems.

On top of everything, their highly grammar check sophisticated engine can check the actual context of your blog posts and suggest most suitable synonyms to contrast your choice of words or expand context. They don’t instinctively suggest word substitutes; they consider context and topic to recommend improved words.

Moreover, they don’t restrict themselves to a specific alternative; they provide you with scores of selections as well as motives.

2-    WP Spell Check Pro

This WP Spell Check Pro is for those who always prefer to create content straightaway in a Word Press dashboard; you people have a few choices. Your web browser will possibly include a built-in spellcheck, though it won’t fulfill grammar needs. You can make use of Grammarly, obviously; but this is an option you can utilize.

The ultimate advantage of utilizing this specific WordPress plugin is that it will supportively check your fresh content you compose as well as your existing content. Under such a way, you can turn back and rectify errors you might have overlooked in your existing content thus they don’t stay behind and give your website a negative impression.

This WP Spell Check Pro comprises off a free of cost version that works for an infinite number of websites, though will only check around 500 web pages or blog posts. On the other hand, the paid version can check more than 1000 web pages or posts, though for a restricted number of websites.


In case you need something identical with Grammar though, for minor mistakes, devoid of all of the reference engine or other content on the apex of it, you can make use of the DupliChecker’s Grammar Check tool by click on this: . It is quite interactive and effortless to use. This is definitely one of our personal favorites.

4-    After The Deadline

Numerous of you need a web-based way out where you can copy and paste your content from anywhere, scan it for all kinds of grammar and spell errors, and afterward correct them out in your genuine document. Under such a case, “After the Deadline” is just excellent amongst all. It is merely an interactive website with a text box you copy and paste your text within. It marks grammatical errors with green, spelling errors with red, and style propositions with blue.


A substitute to above, with a sophisticated grammar engine, solid dictionary, and an extra engine for the thesaurus, is just like an amalgamation amongst “Grammarly” and “After the Deadline”. You can copy/paste your content and click either on an advanced scan or basic scan options.

In case with a basic scan, a window will pop up with three tabs, i.e. grammar, spelling, and thesaurus. Spelling is a standard spell check with options for words, and the capability to amend, finish, or skip your check, or to modify specific options. You people can notify it to overlook words with all caps, words with numbers, or domain names. Moreover, you can generate your own dictionary, although this is restricted in size and saved under cookies; hence, it can easily be lost.

Do you have a favorite tool or technique for scanning grammar and spellings of your blog posts? We have discussed here a few choices; however, there are many more to come.

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